Gautam should add KDR

Gautam should add KDR to sb because imo ranking dosent show how skilled u r, it just shows u grind alot. So tbh kdr wouldnt sound bad.


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i think in general this is a good idea but wwhat if you are a good grinder youd be cycling a lot?

or what about you can choose to turn kdr on or like different arenas are ranked and unranked (kdr and no kdr)

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Yea that is true

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Ranked KDR would be awsome

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Yeah, that’s a great idea.

I can make a kdr lb

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Could u make a feature to turn it on and off?

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Wdym like on ur profile?

yeah that would be good for grinders/others

Idk would be a pain to add toggle

well whatever you think would be best thats just my opinion

Ye something like that

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Wait, would this ratio just be kills to games played?

Or will there be a new stat for the number of deaths you’ve had, and leaving the game wouldn’t count as a death? If this is the case, if someone would want to have a good KDR, they could just combat log any time they are about to lose?

Pretty much

Oh avg kills per game would be cool! I thought it was death ratio but tbh i Like this one more

Maybe i wasnt specific enough

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