Instead of adding skull emoji back he adds this emoji no one asked for :skull:
Like legit 11 people (so far) have signed a petition to bring it back and yet he ignores them all :rage:
Bring back 💀 - #24 by Shadowblade

what even does “pensive” mean

Sad? Idk.

pensive means like calm and collected, quiet

How would you even use it?

lol my thoughts exactly. when is there a need, exactly, to react “pensively”???

Honestly, I don’t think the emoji fits the word. That emoji looks like you’d use it when you’re disappointed at something. For instance, the skull emoji not being brought back :pensive:.

dissapointed, or even solemn, almost

today we calm and collected, quietly look at a bad meme

we also look at the meme dissapointed, or even solemn, almost

Crazy. Valid. Undeniable. True.

that is the opposite of pensive

Everyone we need to find a post made by gaunt and do the :pensive: emigo

It also means being in deep or serious thought, such as contemplating what went through gautam’s head as he made this decision. :pensive:

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I just want :skull: :sob:

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bro gautam even signed it. :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:



do you mean 17 people signed it?

18 now, including Gautam :pensive: