hey gautam i was wondering if i could help you biuld swordbattle 2 i have lots of inteligence in coding and i have lots of time i made a puzzle to show you https://puzzle--annoyedfr.repl.co/

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also for swordbattle 2 i believe we should add a blocking mechanism and a bow. however i dont know if you will be up to making a bow mechanism so if you let me i could code it in. also i know the fix to your L A G. when you created the code the the CPU overheated from what i saw when i looked into the code. I also believe you should add mini-games. like waves of zombies. capture the flag and tag. hide and seek etc.

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Yes i believe you could do it however you would have to be a quick coder because it is being released on Halloween


thanks man its nice to finally get the respecr but gautam is not responding so idk what to do

Coder isn’t on 24/7 lol just wait a bit and he might respond


Isn’t it swordbattle and not bow battle?

bro its jsut ideas

That would make more “L A G”

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But its not about “bows” its about SWORDBattle

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not if we fixed the L A G before it happened

Oh great a 10 year-old working on it will definitely help :+1:

What is the fix then?
Also the CPU overheated?? I assume you forked the sb game on replit and tried to run it?
Zombie, CF and other game modes are already requested


bro what

no kidding i can add them thats why i said i would

hey, yes, don’t do reverse guile.

your telling me to stop being angry?

thats what im saying

sorry I think you translated it wrong…

im 13 but ok i dont see how that would change anything even if i was 10