getting 100k coins with no evols... (analysis + predictions!)

soo, i realized that everyone uses evols in… and i had a thought, what will it be like if i played if i didn’t use any evols?

so i hopped on and immediately got spawnkilled… not a great start… i rejoined and strafed around bots and started getting some coins (for people that don’t know what strafing is check my guide out! )

once i got enough coins for a evol i promptly ignored it (that’s the point of the challenge muahaha)

immediately after, someone attacked me with more coins, a tank and i realized that not having a evol is a very big disadvantage but i was able to kill them and got some coins (i’m #88 on leaderboard for a reason)

and don’t even get me started on chasing the :sparkles: runners :sparkles: i couldn’t catch up at all because i didn’t get the speed boost from a faster class like knight or vampire. (@anon33846000 you’re going to make fun of me again aren’t you?)

eventually i got killed by 2 teamers at only 32k coins (i wasn’t recording but their names were {CK}_Someone _ and {CK}Phantom) it was a fun challenge so i hope

all in all, i perfer playing sb with evols because it promotes different kinds of gameplay with different kinds of classes. what do you all think?

thanks for reading this long informational article, if you can get 100k in sb send a screenshot here! here is a cookie :cookie:

i also want to promote my fave artist billy eyelash!! he let me pull through in this difficult challenge!

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ty, lol lol :]

This post is cringe, getting 100k is so easy. Skill issue get better

that’s the point of this post loll post your high scores here!! :]

what is going on

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oh this post is about getting 100k coins with no evols in lol :] like it’s in the title XD

incog, dis u?

lol lol lol yea fr fr im incog xDD

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Incog has penguins acc?

I got about 45-50k without evols last week.
Then I needed them cause of teamers

its easy

I gotten 100k without getting to yellow ._. and I killed bosses too.

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the challenge is without evolutions

um… lol lol lol lol the post is with no evols lol lol not staying green the whole time lol lol xDD fr fr fr fr yap yap yap billy eylash

@incognitoes I think I did a good job trying to do a impression of you

I already completed it so ur the yap yap keep talking

10 minutes easy

lol lol lol lol lol lol no screenshot? lol lol lol lol lol lol lol :] fr fr fr fr fr fr
billy eyelash not billie eilish