"ghost flicks have no practical use”

so i’ve had a lot of people in my pms, asking what the practical use of ghost hits (more commonly referenced as ghost flicks).

and i have an answer for you all…

have you ever seen two, or even three or four, chests right next to each other but not quite in reach of normal hits?


well, i have the fix for you…ghost hits. first, go close enough to both chests that if you were to try to hit them, the hits would register.

then, perform a ghost flick on one, to the other. that makes it so in the span of one hit, you can hit both chests, essentially doubling your quickness in breaking the chests rather than alternating!

what do you guys think?


You can do that with other players too


wait how do you do this??

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explanation, demonstration.

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i mean- i still think it’s not that useful

you can use it on players and chests lol it is useful maybe not like “oneshot killaura vape v69 download” useful but (jk lol)