Goblin Assassin

I made a Goblin Assassin skin based off of 2 of moomoo.io’s skins, It was created using misshapen circles in the Scratch art editor

Price: idk
Description: A deadly Goblin Assassin who’s thirsty for revenge

Goblin Assassin Skin

Goblin Assassin3

Goblin Blade

Goblin Blade7

The two skins I based it off of


Love the concept. Don’t forget to adjust the sizes so that the skin is 300x300 and the sword is 280x260.

I think the skin should be facing downwards instead. Personally, I think both the skin and sword could use a bit more detail.


Nice! The sword could use a bit of work, but it’s nice and simple!


I really love it 100% gonna be added ik @ManagePasswords Taste


Discourse keep rendering the skins as twice their size even when I split their size in half in post edits

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That’s odd, but no worries then. Just don’t forget to rotate the skin 180 degrees, cause I think that’s how it’s supposed to be if it’s going to appear correctly in game.

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If you need I can also go into the art editor and resize them to half their size there

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Yeah give it a shot

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Is it fixed?

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hmmmmm. Needs some more detail. and the skin clearly needs to be a goblin. Maybe the pointy ears? Try adding more details and a bit more… non-brown. Sword needs hella work. skin is what i talked abt first tho


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