Guess who i saw

just ran into my favorite mod hes in rn if u wanna talk to him


thats frager ._.

@Frager201 should come back :cry:

Ik but why did Frager change name to angel

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That’s OYOYOY’s account, not Frager’s.

It is but when I was on Frager was on the acc

please come back @Frager201 everyone wants u back

angel is on any way look at the leaderboard

yeah ik i said that angel isnt my favorite mod cuz she a bully :sob:

nah, she can change based on how she’s feeling just careful not to make her angry

fragers a good player but i keep getting so annoyed when even my name say oy oy oy ppl still call me frager. why ppl doing that?

she literally the best mod here by a land slide idk if slap counts but he can be the best best if he is though I thought he wasn’t a full mod yet

lol she always nice idk what you mean toger gorl

no i haven’t met her in a long time mostly her grinders. I have her acc too. ye tbh she was never rude, but sometimes she could be when u have arguments with her

she bully

guess she doesn’t like monkes then idk XD

im taking this out of context :skull:

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