Happy and sad skin

Ukraine colors?


Looking good!! The top and bottom of the skin are slightly clipped off screen. If you are trying to submit it to the skins for the game then you might want to fix that but otherwise It’s good

maybe just touch up the lines ig.

That was not on purpose.

@Just_Ice that better

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Good job!

thank you!

I made the sword a little better

i removed the round which do you guys like better?
Screenshot_2022-11-03_12.03.23_PM-removebg-preview (1)

  • Round
  • Not Round
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I resized it.

maybe try changing the colors cus it kinda represents the ukranian colors like coder said

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Like this

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ye thats a bit more better

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wait change the nose too also

Like This?

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sure thats better

no black for the nose???

I liked the “Ukrainian” colors better, cause there is a sad and a joy skin in game that match the “Ukrainian” colors.

its the Ukranain colors and u know about the war and wht is happening so ye…