Has the forum been slow?

Idk everything here seems a lot less active. More people are on than ever but there is a lot less chatting in gen chat and the topics seem to just be a lot of daily updates rather than something completely new.

Is the forum slow?
  • Yea the forum is slower than usual.
  • It has stayed the same not much change tbh.
  • What are you on about? It is super active!
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Most of the time, chat is dead :skull:. But also I think people just want to talk directly to another person in personal chat.

Yeah I can see that. I personally prefer using general chat but if some messages me first I’ll use that

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gautam perferes to mate with his money that spend it on us prob :skull:

Any ideas for me to improve it?

Idk why but people just seem to not being as interactive anymore me included and the only I would see it coming back is people chatting for a longer period of time instead of just a couple minutes idk though maybe just me

Yeah, I can definitely tell it’s been slower, though there really isn’t anything I can think to do about it.

better server resources?

bring back the :skull: reaction.

Ok now make the forum active

Stop posting images

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