Have you ever been silence or banned?

  • Ban
  • Silenced
  • Suspended
  • None
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What is the difference between banning and suspending?

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suspended means your forever ban

No… opposite suspended means temp ban. ban means perm banned.

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You should really let me mark down more than 2 i have been all 3

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None for me.

Maybe the bot silenced me? I’m not sure though I just remember getting notifications from a bot

I was silenced for spamming e with angel the issue was angel had mod I did not so the bot actually got me I had to wait 30 mins angel got someone silenced the same way

I never ever got silenced/ban since I am a gud angel :angel: :]
(I would have also never gotten a flag on any of my posts if the people who flagged my posts in the first place didn’t do it on purpose *cough *cough)



Not my fault you guys mess with the wrong person to spam “e” with I am just too good at it.

I was keeping up intill that /;

pov me

I got auto-silenced from sending zuko a lot of pings.

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Maybe try in something other than chat next time, since you usually don’t get auto-silenced in a PM

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you do. i got muted for spamming @Monke

Were you using the personal chat thing?


Try in a non-chat PM

i did