Have you ever tried schoolbreak IO?

Schoolbreak IO is a Game where the students have to break rules, but if the teachers catch them, they lose. Very fun and addicting. Same layout as Swordbattle IO


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when i try it says " failed to fetch"

add a link, I want to try this!

Did you try poki or crazy games

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im on the actual website

I will soon :+1:

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Try poki or crazy games

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Otherwise if you can’t wait, search it up on poki

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Thanks fish!

Thanks for helping me :cat:

In schoolbreak.io I have every skin possible.

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(Sorry for low quality, file upload limit is only 2MB.


Oh looks like schoolbreak servers have been down for 4 months

I remember playing it a few years ago, Its kinda cool to see how the game has changed.

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That’s actually pretty cool that you got every skin