Hello I Am Clapadabass

Hello everyone I Am @Slapadabass Long Lost Father @Victor.XenVixOwner

You See… i went to get The Milk And you knew what happened next haha…
I Will Only Be Here until June 30th

If you already knew (or you didn’t) @Slapadabass Will be happy to see me :))

(COUGH this a joke don’t take it to seriously COUGH)

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Ain’t no way…


Hello my Child

Plot Twist

…you left
For 11 years


i know for a long time…

but I’m back now, and now I can teach you the ways of the Clap

your name is sus

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Its the ways of The Clap :nerd_face:

Hello father

Oh god not again

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I Always Knew it was Slapada Bass But who is Slapada Base? this isnt a hideout or something

who is my real Son? O.o

Oh, I know who your are, you are-

I Am…??

hey @Victor.XenVixOwner what happened to victor hmm??


XD this is going to be fun to see again lol

big Plot twist i left @Victor.XenVixOwner for the milk…


I came Back

Sigh why

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