so I have set out to get every badge on this fourm I need help can you guys like this topic 50 times so I can get that achievement


Filled out profile information

250 awarded


First post edit

323 awarded

First Emoji

Used an Emoji in a Post

318 awarded

First Flag

Flagged a post

98 awarded

First Like

Liked a post

601 awarded

First Link

Added a link to another topic

92 awarded

First Mention

Mentioned a user in a post

223 awarded

First Quote

Quoted a post

124 awarded

First Reaction

Reacted to the post

349 awarded

First Share

Shared a post

80 awarded

New User of the Month

Outstanding contributions in their first month

36 awarded

Read Guidelines

Read the community guidelines

107 awarded


Read every reply in a topic with more than 100 replies

108 awarded

Wiki Editor

First wiki edit

63 awarded



Received 1 like on 20 posts

193 awarded


You’re an attractive user!

307 awarded


Visited 10 consecutive days

173 awarded

Nice Reader

Read 1000 posts.

218 awarded

Nice Share

Shared a post with 25 unique visitors

7 awarded

Out of Love

Used 100 likes in a day

61 awarded

Owners Pet

Have the owner like one of your posts!

278 awarded


Invited a user

37 awarded


Have a reply marked as a Solution

66 awarded

Thank You

Has 20 liked posts and gave 10 likes

159 awarded


Received a like

617 awarded

Active Reader

An active reader!

94 awarded


Visited 100 consecutive days

15 awarded


Active member for a year, posted at least once

198 awarded


Invited 3 basic users

18 awarded

Cool dude

A cool person!

42 awarded

Gives Back

Has 100 liked posts and gave 100 likes

67 awarded

Good Share

Shared a post with 300 unique visitors

3 awarded

Guidance Counsellor

Have 10 replies marked as Solutions

9 awarded

Higher Love

Used 100 likes in a day 5 times

20 awarded Forum OG

An OG member of the community

1 awarded

Realmz Forum OG

One of the very first players who joined from Realmz

5 awarded


Received 2 likes on 100 posts

48 awarded


Received 5 likes on 300 posts

1 awarded


Invited 5 members

10 awarded

Crazy in Love

Used 100 likes in a day 20 times

6 awarded


Visited 365 consecutive days


Has 500 liked posts and gave 1000 likes

18 awarded

Great Share

Shared a post with 1000 unique visitors

2 awarded


Have 50 replies marked as Solutions

2 awarded

Legendary Helper

Have 150 replies marked as Solutions

Pro Reader

A pro reader!

13 awarded


Nice Reply

Received 10 likes on a reply

174 awarded

Nice Topic

Received 10 likes on a topic

182 awarded

Popular Link

Posted an external link with 50 clicks

18 awarded

Rising User

Woah, you’re on track to become one of the most active users!

135 awarded

Good Reply

Received 25 likes on a reply

1 awarded

Good Topic

Received 25 likes on a topic

7 awarded

Hot Link

Posted an external link with 300 clicks

1 awarded

Top 10% Poster

You are a great poster!

6 awarded

Famous Link

Posted an external link with 1000 clicks

Great Reply

Received 50 likes on a reply

Great Topic

Received 50 likes on a topic

3 awarded

Top 2% Poster

Woah, you’re an amazing member of the community!

1 awarded

Trending User

WOAH, You are TRENDING! That’s amazing…

Trust Level


Granted all essential community functions

904 awarded


Granted invitations, group messaging, more likes

184 awarded


Granted recategorize, rename, followed links, wiki, more likes

48 awarded


Granted global edit, pin, close, archive, split and merge, more likes

29 awarded


Yea good luck, it took me 6 months and me leaving for half of that to get more then 50 likes on my post

Also half of these are impossible to attain or really hard to get (new user of the month, all the OG badges; admired, devotee, great share, legendary helper, famous link, great reply, etc.)

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You can’t do like farming so ima have to close this post unfortunately