Help me with TGFB Season 1!

That’s right! I need YOUR help to make the next season of TGFB, as we can see, the pilot is coming to a close, so we need to be ready. If you want more info about S1, DM me on discord (Hamm#4529)

Thank you :3!


Suggestion: there should be a 3 strikes rule, basically if you don’t do a challenge, you get a strike. If you do a challenge, your strikes reset. If you get 3 strikes in a row, you get disqualified.


fix the last question

it’s just meant to help you understand, it’s not a question. read it.

it says learder or something like that


This was a while back, now just waiting for TGFB to start again for S1

I dont know if that will happen. Hamm’s been inactive for almost 2 months

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Pretty sure hamm said it was discontinued or something like that or am I wrong?

can you send me a link @Wasd ?

Oh nvm it was a maybe specifically when she gets better access to the forum

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Its not happening, tgfb is canceled sadly.

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