Hey its me Victor

Hey guys its me

can you gib me alot of coins for my new sb account its called


its just a alt for me

and give me v2 test to


its me, ask me something i wold now

:skull: you may need to be more convincing

what du u men

@Undefeated_zarooma cold i hav v2 test? im on alt

I mean you spelled give wrong as gib your ip doesn’t match victors maybe because of a different device but it dose match a lot of tl0 your first request was to give a alt swordbattle account a lot of coins but if your real sword battle account got blocked sense that is just a username and password not a google login your school can not block it and then if you do not remember your pas just send a email to codder in all you don’t look ver convincing at the time if you know what I mean

Oh and only person who would give you v2 tester is codder

So maybe if your email matches or you can give a good reason on why you cannot get into your so said main account you most likely will not get any of these things and sense your main account as you say is tl3 you should have been around long enough to understand this


stop delet the massege


He is Sus…