Hi am I good at making skins?

hi am i good at makeing skin

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Well you need to post a skin if you already made topic with skin you can just link it


im going to make a skin


Could you please link to the post? Or you could just put the image here.


you want me to link it


Yes please

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what type of skin should i make?

Maybe like a nature themed skin?

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idk what app to use

Your not good at making skins

That’s kinda mean man and you wonder why people don’t like you

Your not good at being liked enough to become a tl4

tbh i done really care i doesn’t matter to be nice anymore

Give some constructive, helpful feedback instead of just saying “your not good”

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i mean there is always a next time for tl4 elections

but if you don’t learn from your mistakes and fix them, no one will care about you

anyways i wont win because there are more loved people here than me because people dont like me

idk what i did wrong from the start idc from this point anymore

instead of making it a definitive statement, how about you make them love you?

There are legitimate reasons why people didn’t vote you over WASD and Bread besides “They didn’t like you.”