Hi, I'm Prookl, Vote 4 me

For the next realmz.io update we will allow 1 person from this server choose and plan out what will be in the next update.

A person will be chosen in the ⁠update-planning channel through votes from other people. To enter as a candidate in the vote make a post in the ⁠update-planning saying whatever you want or what you will do as the game designer for next update.

Voting will end in exactly one week.

The person with the most votes will be working closely with the development team and will also win 20,000 coins and some erthium.

The development team can veto anything that does not fit the game or would take too long to add.


This is an update-planning post so it’s basically my submission to become the update planner basically.
I have played Realmz since the start, back when it was called Erth2 Beta, (that was a long time ago), it’s grown a lot, and so has the community and members within, I have done many things inside Realmz community, and its been quite a long time since the start of Realmz, there’s version 2.0, a forum for it, more devs and features. and it’s crazy, I still remember the OG members too.

I uploaded a lot of Realmz video on my yt, trying to help advertise, I made a lot of suggestions to the game.

There has been many players, and a lot of them know me as well.

so vote 4 me, cuz I am prooklpro :)
I am unofficial helper for game devs, I do things sometimes.
Please give feedback in reply, not just a useless thing, because it will help if I manage to get picked by a miracle!

This is not all I will want added to the game, but I will list some.
New class trees
A very wonderful new map that I’ll make
Another biome
Even cooler skins

If you vote for me I wont kill you in realmz.io!!!

Contrary to what people may think, I will not become a tyrant!


I’m sold I don’t like dying

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Ight react with thumbsup as a vote fr

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Private message me one of ur ideas if i get picked ill try and get it in

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ok xD

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I’m sold you seem good

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idek what is this

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You make it look like its a Win-win for everyone but usually how things go it’s not

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Who is winning so far guys? Probs you but who in second

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oh boy he won’t become a tyrant!

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Oh boy, but still, we await your return Frump