Highest game

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What is the highest amount of coins/kills/time survived you had in a game?

Mine was 80k coins once


I had 200k coins with about 22 kills and a good 50 minutes of playtime

I got 150k once, i believe

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I’ve gotten 250k
62 kills
1 hour 30 min
(separate runs)

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My highest amount of coins in one run was 400k, my highest amount of kills was 76.



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700k in 1 and a half hours


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846k on angel on my old account when I changed my name there was a bug back then some coins wouldn’t transfer when u change so 846k


my game starts going at 300 ping whenever i reach around 650k

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…… (:<
Mine is
1,454,728 coins
with a friendly 304 kills :€
Only person with higher coin run is acol 19 times


@Acol you time to flex

Up to you if you still mad about me saying people started being nice to you so be it

bro u just gonna take that???

me personally…

Na he just being petty

600k something-

Back when the highest coin amount was 20k coins and no chests, I had 18k coins and 61 kills. I’ve gotten REALLY rusty since then.

Oh my highest then was 60k by siting in corner

You could get to the size of the map back then lol

300k coins with 30 kills my record so far