HighStrangeness Day 3


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I personally have never had a experience with SkinWalkers but i know people who have but i can not share those stories but i will go into the brief history of them and then share a story i have made using parts of my friends stories lets begin on where the SkinWalker came from and what it is. The skinwalker origins to the navajo nation of native american In the Navajo language, yee naaldlooshii translates to “by means of it, it goes on all fours”.](Skin-walker - Wikipedia) While perhaps the most common variety seen in horror fiction by non-Navajo people, the yee naaldlooshii is one of several varieties of skin-walkers in Navajo culture; specifically, they are a type of 'ánti’įhnii.](Skin-walker - Wikipedia)

Navajo witches, including skin-walkers, represent the antithesis of Navajo cultural values. While community healers and cultural workers are known as medicine men and women, or by other positive terms in the community’s Indigenous language, witches are seen as evil, performing harmful ceremonies and manipulative magic in a perversion of the good works medicine people traditionally perform. In order to practice their good works, traditional healers may learn about both good and evil magic, in order to protect against evil. But people who choose to become witches are seen as corrupt. So now you have background info time for the story

This story is based on a real story.

Late one night me and my girl friend were walking and talking about how school was and what we were going to do tonight when i fell into a trace i was a Navajo and i saw a skinwalker walking towards me and then i was out of the trance and i told my girl friend we need to run and when i said that we heard growling like how a zombie would growl and then we saw it tall had a wolf like face and very gore and it pointed at us and we ran and it just stood there watching until it morphed into a wolf and ran into the first to this day we see a wolf in the backyard from time to time

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Interesting story… What monster will be covered next?

please Pontianak

I will be doing Pontianak


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