Hmm I’ll try to make u laugh

Like you guys wanted I’ll try……

  1. A(person): you won’t get anything right in the test
    B(same) : At least I can go left?

  2. teacher: circle the answer!
    b: Circles “answer”

  3. idk im bored heres some thing for you to read

A: Nay, i’m not sure who wroteth that, maybe me?
b: Art thee sure?
A: Nay…
B: Art thee okay? Thee art not sure of thy choices…
A: Aye Aye
B: Zounds…



u know that means?

What language is that? Ive never heard that before…

Old engrish or whatever
(ik i spelled English wrong lmao im bored so im calling in engrish now)

Didnt laugh its unfunny like Rogergods post

Not old English it is early modern I think

and now i present the game of the @TigerLizzycgkck when it come to

idk idc i couldn’t think of anything


yea shakespeare

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