How are people stupid enough to do this XD

1st. just why… Hope there was nobody in there
2nd. OUCH!!!

post other funny videos here

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I dont video edit, I could, but I chose not to, if you want to see that I am decent at it look at my intro to my yt chanel

Yea, some people are pretty stupid (not to be offensive or anything)

Sounds like this one kid at my school.


wait, our old friend, or the kid who got suspended like every week.

and then got asked to leave the school

that barely has any editing though, just some simple text, plus stop motion which isn’t really editing as much as it is uploading lots of pictures

still good

also pls don’t make your intro 45 seconds dude :sob:

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you have to edit the pictures and rearrange them.

my intro is long?

…yes no one is gonna watch if you have a 45 second long intro, especially if it’s more of an intro to your channel rather than an intro to the video

its fine ima keep it, people can skip it.

Ngl I kinda miss intros they don’t really exist anymore

oh… yeah I guess… I will keep mine for a bit

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