How did Acol get banned?

So i was playing the game and heard that world #1 @acol got banned!

he was a really cool guy


so from the rumors i heard here is what happened

he was using a hack that let him join and rejoin which exploits a glitch in the game code and it makes the game laggy and also makes it so that he gets free xp from playtime and coins.

he was also using a hack created by a user called “manny” which lets him crash the server and basically farm coins by using bots

he was doing all this hiding from the owner of the game or also called coder gutam. so eventyualy he got caught. what a loser


so why was he unbanned?


He requested it not on fourm Hausa so his xp is back saying he won’t play again


I saw that he kept joining and unjoining it was really weird


didn’t he also leak some guys personal info? Or was that a faker.


I think one of two things:

  • Self request to delete data
  • What @gautam said in chat:

No he did it was the angel simps passport.


It was his friend who he told to do that stuff as a “joke” aka in my opinion he should of been banned there potato was one of the first to find this out yet some people ignored potato and just went after em making potato leave not wanting to deal with any more idiots


Well this information is new to me, and i can’t believe Acol was hacking, but as a dare from his friends, thats really not cool


No he hacked on his own he told his friend from what I am informed of to say and do stuff that blue mentioned


A lot of this is rumors spread by Acol’s enemies, so what Acol did isn’t really “hacking” but it involves the use of scripts and stuff.

The day he gained 30M xp (highest ever), he was grinding by using 2 windows (see Acol's best day? - #3 by Undef_IK_glaceon8 )

Another thing that happened was Acol was repeatedly joining and leaving games. This is the only thing that kind of goes in a gray area since it involves the use of a script to auto reload the page and keep rejoining and leaving.

I dont know exactly the purpose of this, but Acol claims it was to farm Playtime. As far as I know there isnt any glitch or exploit of xp or coins doing this (other than I guess unintentionally picking up coins during respawn)

Now where things become interesting, I asked the hack developer who is currently distributing cheats, and here is what he says:

Now seeing this I banned him, but then Acol says…

So yeah Im in a bit of dilemma trying to figure out who is right here, since I didnt see any sign of him using bots or hacking that day (other than spamming new tabs to get free kills)

So as the saying goes, Innocent until proven guilty.

That’s why Im temporarily unbanning him. If you have any solid evidence about him cheating, please DM me.


Wow this blew up, but thanks coder for the detailed answer.

Also this is more trending than the summer update :rofl:


thanks for the explanation, but all I can say is the hack dev (manny) was lying to get money from you. I promised him to not reveal anything further. (you can dm me about it)

myself as computer science student I don’t see this anywhere near grey area, he used an automation script. Hacks can be considered which breaks the game with the help of external means. If you think using scripts is bad, then exploiting glitches is even worse.


Well the point is, whatever type of script it is, it affects the game and the game isnt meant to be played that way.

Not sure what you mean by “breaking” the game. I mean if a similar script can be used to farm playtime and get in the playtime leaderboard, that means “breaking” the game correct? Even if it doesn’t directly affect the PvP experience.

I agree, but still using an automation script to farm playtime is still considered as kind of a hack and does go in a gray area.

The defenition of cheating is:

Cheating in video games involves a video game player using methods to create an advantage beyond normal gameplay

So it def gives him an advantage == cheating

But it’s definitely a less of an offense and I’m fine forgiving him with the exploited playtime removed and giving him a warning.


The thing is detecting a player farming playtime is extremely hard, thus accusing someone of the same is basically pointless. You can just afk in a server forever and when you die you can just respawn. Now, you can’t detect with 100% certainty that if the player is using a script or manually rejoining.

for me cheating is something that provides an advantage by exploiting a bug in game, or going outside the rules of the game or tampering the game in such a way that can’t be done manually while playing (eg: using script to remove bushes, zoom out to view a large section of map). If a script is being used to automate something that can be done manually while playing the game, then it is not fair to be penalized for.



Eh still don’t trust him after what him and cat did before there drama started


He Banned every one is my server and deleted all my channels :sob: