How do you go about upgrades?

Are you stup… nvm dont you know they drop 500-700 coins?

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He still hasn’t gotten rid of it? Damn ig it is a good Strat to use now


He knows it was an accident im sure but instead he put in sb update log “bunnys drop more coins”

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Tbh if he’s gonna do that he should make all mobs drop that much

Erm no they drop 300-600

They do tho :rage: look for urself I’ve never gotten 700 but I use them quite a bit

I start with 6 speed 7 health 7 damage and 2 regen then add a few more based on the evol

Ive seen them drop 700 before but I thought they werent giving as much yesterday…

That’s what I thought too so maybe he did change it slightly

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I just got 670

if im using vampire I don’t go for regeneration at all because the ability does that for u ill split between full damage 6 speed and the rest health


I agree