How i come up with (so many) topic ideas. (technique)

soo i post quite a lot generally (not so much this week, though: sorry about that), and sometimes people ask me how exactly i come up with so many topic ideas.

and here i have my answer: not only answering your question, but i find it may help you, too, come up with topic ideas to post more often.

so basically, first i just browse other people’s posts and find ideas that i like. not taking the exact thing and recreating a topic, but rather generalizing posts into different “categories” - like maybe different types of pvp, styling, amas, or really anything!

(another technique, if you want to make a post about something specific in a game: what i do is i go into that game for a little bit and start playing. if something interesting or cool happens while i play, then i hold that in my head to write a post about once i’m done playing.)

then, instead of posting my ideas right away, i have a doc called “idea dump” where i put all my ideas in. when i find myself in need of a topic, i simply do one of two things:

either browse posts and/or play a game to find some immidiate idea, or look in my idea dump to find ideas.

so that’s my strategy! what do you guys think?


My idea

yeah saw it

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so basically make a topic on anything you see

not really, basically what i do is i see people’s topics and divide into categories within categories

for example, some subcategories about sb: pvp, leaderboards, grinding, glitch, coin runs, and a ton more

Same, usually I make topics on whats popular/what hasn’t been done lately.

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