How many of you like nature?

I love nature,how many of us like nature? I do, Nature can freshin ur mind to a new beginning. Starting a furture with kids and husband… Nature is so fun to be around, I might sound a little stupid saying nature is all cool. But I don’t like bugs I like being surrounded by trees just not bugs, but that is just what nature is all about. I never really explored a rain Forest.


I love nature! It is a fantastic way of relaxing

I like hiking

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Touching grass is always nice :)))))
But fr, going out on walks always help me whenever I’m stressed out from school.

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I like nature.

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I like hiking, biking, walking, I like to read in my hammock, I have 2 books on how to survive in the wild, and my cousin and I once built a fort in the woods and slept there. :grin:
And yea, I like nature. :leaves:


I’m a boy scout :D

I fought with nature and lost once

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you are froggo, correct?

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Yeah :frog:

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Was a burb fighting you? I hear they like the taste of frogs :(

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Nay, 'twas a giant winged beast!

If I knew how to survive in the woods I would live in the woods, like a woodcraft thingamajig
I love nature stuffs

I love camping and sitting by a fire

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Always wanted to try that

I hate nature :weary::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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