How (not) to have your autobiographer badge

I guess I’m dumb.

You lose the Autobiographer badge if your text description is less than 10 characters.
So, I guess there is a way to lose badges?
Idk why this exists.


Don’t worry, I got it back

Bruh that’s so dumb look at the description

My text description was pie = r^2 for a little while until i lost the badge.

So you can say “I’m cool” and not get the badge but if you say “qwertyqwertyqwryigahbfgsjin” you’re considered an “autobiographer”

You can lose other badges, like top 10% poster, and trending user.

And regular in some cases.
I also once lost a nice topic badge and guidance counsellor badge because of site settings.

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Now i finally got it, thanks!!

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