How should I monetize my unblocked games website?

I know y’all are good at ads + monetization (especially gautam)…

so what would you recommend for my site?
I have two:

    Games site, uses up my egress on multiple services, in fact many of my vercel accounts are now suspended. Those damn kids keep using up my bandwidth! I estimate 1TB data per month.
    ![Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 4.24.24 PM|690x394]

  2. proxy
    well its pretty self-explanatory… idk how to say it otherwise

With this amount of traffic, I’d think that I would get quite a lot of money. How tho?

I heard you have referrals; how do I use them?


Hey, I’m interested in few things.

  1. How much would you be interested to sell this site for. (if you are in the first place)
  2. We could do a partnership with
  3. Set up Game listing ads (allow games to be promoted your site)

I know a friend who has H5 Games ads by Google ( Google AdSense - H5 Games Ads ) we could try that too, if you just high performance ad monetization (it would be more games-tailored and will perform better than plain adsense). Otherwise if you haven’t already, I would recommend you try out plain Adsense or something more advanced like Adinplay or Nitropay. I’ve worked with them before and they have good rates, though I will still recommend H5 ads since it’s tailored for games.

Btw Im also curious how you promoted this site, 20k views a month is crazy. Hosting is not an issue for me and I can offer you free hosting w/o issues on bandwidth if you want to do a partnership with us. We can use invites to setup a referral system where I pay you per person who joins the Forum from your site. You can also use these systems alongside others to make more profit.

Super cool btw, looking forward to getting in touch with you!

(P.S) Anyone in the future reading this with a Game website, I’d be interested in getting in touch with you!!


PS You should add swordbattle :frowning:


yes, i will… hmm… my dev server got corrupted so website improvements might take a lot longer to do.

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hmm… idk to be honest… I’ve never really done anything related to real money :frowning:

EDIT: I think what I would consider based off of your list would be to either…

  1. Sell it to you
  2. Try to add ads (like sidebar ads, but not as evil as Youtube)

And potentially…
3. do something with iogames forum, but not very likely since iogames forum (in my eyes) is for original (and singular) multiplayer games, which unblocked games doesn’t fit the criteria for.

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Sent you a dm, let’s discuss!!