How to earn invitation badges

  1. Go to your profile notifications, then click invites.

  2. Click on the “Invite” button

  3. Change this number, then share your link.

  4. When somebody accepts your invite, you will be notified.

By doing this, you can get a gold badge, known as Champion fast. You can get it if 5 TL2 users click your link.

Links (add yours here):

Twofoursixeight: IO Games Forum
Frager: IO Games Forum
9pfs: IO Games Forum
Firepup650: IO Games Forum
TigerLizzy:IO Games Forum
Glaceon8:IO Games Forum

imageI accepted my own invite

Been like that for me

I didn’t add mine that @twofoursixeight for adding mine

I just accepted my own invite

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