How to find original player account name in Realmz

Is it possible to know who is the player behind a guy in Realmz? Since there are many pro players who set their username to something else when playing and it’s hard to know if they are impersonating or smth like that

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You cant unless you’re also extremely good at the game.
You have to note: skins they use, way they talk, way they play, all that stuff.

if you’re a futurepear you can see account name.

Most common way is for them to tell u.

Yeah but it can lead to impersonation, but makes sense. Thanks.

Impersonation aka faking
when someone steals your name (this doesn’t happen a ton )
you can set your name to your account name, you’ll get a checkmark on the side of your name verifying you’re real, but if your account name isn’t the one you’re known by then RIP.

ohh, I did not know this, thanks!