how to get tons of kills quickly! (guide)

so a lot of you guys (specifically Wasd) wanted more topics on more easy-to-put-to-use things in sb…such as the most effective ways to grind, and how to get tons of kills quickly!

for this topic, i’ll start with a guide to getting tons of kills quickly, then follow up shortly with another grinding methods guide, so stay tuned for that!

so, when you first spawn in, i recommend breaking brown and green chests to get some starting coins/mass, and pick off all the bots surrounding you.

this is particularly beneficial because even if you are much smaller than the bot, you can still easily beat them for easy coins.

also pick off smaller real players with no evolution yet, but big enough to yield a reasonable amount of coins when killed.

then once, you get an evolution, i recommend choosing tank.

the pros heavily outweigh the cons…

the ability is much more affective and boosts your health a ton, as well as a higher passive regen and stronger resistance in general.

once you have an evolution, you can start working on all the other evolved players in the server.

now, i am assuming most of you know how to do this, but some tips:

  1. beserker’s ability is not good for regening but is good for regenerating health. make sure to try to corner beserkers at all cost so even their fast speed while abil’ing cannot escape. (you can do this against the wall, corner, or against the border of the ice/fire biome when there is a boss right inside.)

  2. tank’s ability is very powerful but unless they have speed upgrades, not very fast. to counteract this, throw your sword at a distance, and go back in for the kill once their ability has ended. (if you want, use your ability after theirs is on cooldown-make sure to have at least a couple speed upgrades, though, to prevent yourself from being the victim of the trap described above)

once you do this and become decently powerful, turn your sights on the leader of the server.

depending on how many more coins they have than you, change your strategy. if they are close to your coin/mass, then just employ the techniques described above (and others too!)

if they have a bigger margin, use your time wisely. dont rush to them - its alright to distance yourself to heal up.

tip: before fighting them, watch them pvp against others to gauge their upgrades. then, as you get more upgrades, get the upgrades that counter theirs for your fight.

once you become server #1, just continue cleaning out the server by killing all the bots.

if you want to get as much coins as possible, wait for players to gain some coins - 5-20k - to kill them.

anyways, hope this helped! lmk if you want more topics like this!


this guide is for noobs - you go get evol- tank ofc and put all points into attack- you go get to a big player and ask to team- when they’re typing you use ability slap them across the wall and kill them. server dominated kill everyone in server.
you kys (in game) and let a noob take your coins and repeat the process

i like to call this the num method bc i learnt this from number



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no need to wait, u spawnkill them so they get mad and try to roach you. roachers=free kills without effort

xD if you’re max attack tank you can use ability to pretty much 2 shot and 1 throw a runner- hard part is getting the 2 shots and a throw


@gautam how much xp does a kill give you?


I can check the code

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Thank you for that

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Kills + coins give you 1 xp so i dont think kills have a xp value


Oh rip gautam should give xp for kills imo


well, i am assuming most guides are for people who dont know how to do it… (aka “noobs” loll)

dont be toxic loll

right but every time you die your kills reset lol so this isnt helpful

true, i like them to get up to 5k tho because then its also a coin bonus but also its ez to get 5k so you dont have to wait at all p much.

yeah but not all ppl are max attack loll this is a guide for all upgrade selections lol

kills don’t really matter tbh

if you have like say 50k no way a 5k player can win- well it maybe is a challenge for u >:) ;)

Just use the (I think its called cycling) Method.


i never said theyd win, but its an added bonus to your coins as well as kills cuz 5k is ez to get

Eh i perfer bullying

lol wut

easier answer: OverKill Bots