How to grind 2 mil per hour on a dead server (OUTDATED)

A dead server is a grinder’s paradise. No one is there to engage in long fights, no one will steal your coins, and most importantly, no one will attempt to dethrone your spot on the leaderboard. This allows you to grind unreal amounts of coins, and I will show you a way that I have identified to be VERY fast.

Step 1: Find a dead server. If even one player is present during your session, your job will be infinitely harder. The best server to play on is usually EU, because not a lot of people play there due to lag.

Step 2: Grind to 30k coins, using the berserker + knight path. Trust me, you want to stay a knight.

Step 3: Find a good spot to leave coins. It can’t be too close to the middle, or bots that spawn will take it. And you have to make sure that no bot in the server is in your area.

Step 4: Reload the page. Your 50k coins will save. Immediately log back on and race to the pile of coins you left behind. This step is easier with a friend, but a friend isn’t necessary. If you have done it right, you will now have enough coins to go down the berserker path and choose knight again. The reason we stay a knight is because it is good at grinding, and the size of the evolution isn’t big enough to attract bots to your coin pile, and it isn’t too small that any bot that finds your coin pile gets ALL of your coins.

Step 5: Grind to 30k again, and repeat.


idk if this helps, I’m not even that good at the game

i dont grind where the servers are dead because people will start saying I’m “Bot-Fishing” :skull:

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I’ll just hop onto random server and kill amthe people with coins

How to get 2 million coins per hour!!! Banks hate him!!!

:bank: :gun: :smile:


hey frump is this method efficient

Yeah but for max efficiency you should rejoin around 30k

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Tanks! :gun:

Me and angel did 20k

I’m pretty sure that almost all of my coins I have rn came from doing this when I first joined swordbattle. Also I usually rejoin when I have around 25k. This is only because the limit for coin drop was 20k, and 25k gave you exactly that. Now it doesn’t matter anymore but I just do it out of habit.


And nobody mentioned me as a first employer of cannibalism method : (


Wait, you made this strat?

I thought I did

I was second :slight_smile:

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You are almost a year late.

no its ollddd i use it too (im not going to tell them about ur favorite bush)

Oh no loler uses to I’ve used it before but prefer not losing all my coins to npcs cause no not 1 takes my coins 4 do!

im always late, aren’t i

I may try this if I am grinding.

archergod is really good for grinding if you suck at pvp and don’t want to fight anyone in a full server

the knockback is absolutely insane