How to unbl0ck pages using the system page trick!

  1. Go to chrome://chrome-signin
  2. Sign in as [email protected] and commplete the captcha if optional.
  3. Click on Sign-in options then Sign-in with github.
  4. Click Forget password then click the github cat.
  5. Search for google on Github.
  6. Click the link that appears on the side.
    You should be here:

Would this by any chance also work on mobile?

I think this only works on chromebooks when I tested

This is insane! Finally a consistent way to play swordbattle!


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there’s gotta be another account that works the same way

Your school blocked every account except for the school-verified accounts.

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there’s gotta be another way to access the system pages though right???

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The only account is [email protected] that i know of

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yeah but there’s gotta be another way other than the sign in page…

Why that account specifically?

It takes you to a microsoft account sign in page with github as the method


Honestly just do a factory reset of your chromebook to get full admin. :sunglasses: Super easy. I see no problems with this at all.

They would find out right away (they have a ton of checks and junk) and then I will be cooked.

Me who resets at least 1 Chromebook a week because they ran out of storage

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Yep doesn’t work our school is that good :sunglasses:

Try putting this in to the network credentials
go to chrome:network
press network select
render network select
press the network you are connected to
change to custom name servers
and put to all of the slots
there should be a pop up saying: sign in to network
press that and press “browse incognito”

sadly this no longer works for me


My school is strict with stuff, it only shows a black screen for me