I am bored of grinding Soooo------- Im hiring kids to do it for me /;

If someone grinds for me I will make them a skin :smiley:

Dont spend my coins
Dont change my name
And don’t ruin my friendships :D

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dont care

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Don’t really care much, so thats a no because i don’t play swordbattle.io much anymore

I’ll do it

Let zuko do it he is trusted :)

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alr got 150k first game

sec game was 319k

nOpe cap if ur playin on his accoutn cap

It takes a bit to update :person_shrugging:

it takes for us with much xp for them auto

nah it updates instanly

verified and checked


:skull: lol

Oh u actually did…

So hire zuko?..

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did you really have to say hiring kids?

Look at Acol and say that again


Looks at Acol “Im hiring kids”

What’s your rank?