I am most likely leaving.

This is for real. I have been inactive for this past week, as I have, sadly, more important things to do than be on the forum. I will still stop by to check on things, but unless I win the mod vote I will probably be on less than once a week…
You may see me in sb, especially v2, but I am more on Minecraft…
Dm me for the account name.
I will be starting a Minecraft Bedrock Server some time in the future, so if you want to join it, dm me.

aww man, I’ll miss you for sure!

what is sb a roblox slap battles? (just saying i got banned :frowning: )

sword battle?

oh my bad

wait if he gets mod he will be forced to stay

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hey desert wanna play some bloxd.io?

Blocked… but I can play Minecraft?
Dm me

;-; you leaveing me

welp if you leave i leave BYEEEEE

not you too!

lets go no more anime (joke)

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you forgot about me…

quick hide the topic before others get the idea

jokes aside, see ya man, hope to see you on v2 :)