I beat silverwolF!

I beat silverwolf!! am happy


gj tiger

thx, wanna play now?

yeah sure
what serv

umm lets talk in pm


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Hmmmmm a tiger vs a wolf… mehhehehehe

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Silverwolf isn’t good, not a big deal
also why is this under ask community u asked us nothing



no who is silverwolf?

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oh i dont think they r in the forum

yea whos silverwolf?

a player who games on swordbattle.io, the hit free-to-play web-based multiplayer sword game that everyone is talking about.

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there just someone who plays the game kinda annoying i was tryna grind and i kept server hopping but he just followed me and kept killing me i hate him

oh ok

He is great at pvp

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bro, lol its the game not the nature life