I boosted sword battle discord

So for the Christmas spirit i got a senior to get me 1 yr of nitro not nitro basic and i boosted it

Im first booster @gautam you should give me Donator badge :)))

What does a boost do?

Server gwts special perks

oh cool :+1:

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You’re you are an idiot?!


You are “You Are An Idiot”?!

Also, tpglitch, does “You Are An Idiot” reference the virus?


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Yes, although it wasn’t a virus, but rather a web browser joke that consumes a lot of memory (which could be harmful to potato PCs)

That was the joke, but actually, it’s spelled “grammar” :nerd_face:

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kinda like theannoyingsite.com

Yes, thanks for crashing the school PC :augh:

Virgin media blocked the website

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LightSpeed for me (just the fact I manage the school’s LightSpeed filtering agent for them)

No its definitely not a virus you should indeed definitely proceed to go to youareanidiot.org

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