Yea, I was in a corner with half health, Acol and FoodTruck both had full. I asked for a 1v1 and they ignored me… At least say no!

And who is in {CK} clan?

  • I am
  • I am not
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Who’s silv3rwolf, voted on shadows poll as not in CK clan, who trying to be me.

Acol on europe

I think acol has given his password to others, so maybe acol is usually one thing, and its another person who is the other thing.

fair point


As far as I know, 2 people grind on the account. One- him and other is his friend

As far as i heard theres been once 4 acols grinding on the acccount but i think its mostly him and theres like 1 or 2 more and they take turns

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maybe earlier… But now it’s only two of them

Yes you did Silverwolf, I’m DOOMSLAYER in game

doesn’t count, you werent on ur main

i checked HE HAS SLAVES


get gud kid

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