I finally did it. (THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH)

so… i realized today that i got tl3.

and…i just wanted to say… thank you guys so much. i would’ve never gotten here if not for you guys supporting me. in fact, i never dreamed i would get this far.

in the beginning, i thought of the forum as something i would come back to every once in a while. but as time went on, i realized how awesome and engaging this forum is. the people here are extremely kind and supportive.

and now, here i am. one trust level away from mod, and i know the community a lot better then when i first started posting.

anyway, i just made this post because i wanted you guys to know how grateful i am for all your help. even something simple, like, say, liking a post of mine, or reading my newspaper - it encouraged me a lot, whether you know it or not.

and a couple of you have been actively supporting me since i started the forum - i am so, so, grateful for you guys. (you know who you are <3)

honestly, i can’t believe i’ve gotten this far. i half am not even sure how i even got here! again, i want to thank you guys so much. you have no idea how much i’m grateful for your support.

and one last parting note before i finish off this post…before anyone asks me in the comments what’s my next goal, all i have to say is this:

all goals can be achieved; once you acheive your goal, really, your next goal you set will also get acheived, in time. so, the real questions are…how much can you be? how much can you accomplish? how far can you get?



Congratulations man, i hope you enjoy TL3


Congrats! Nice Pfp


thanks, uri made it (credits in my description btw)


Congrats now all you have to do is chat in lounge and enjoy


Ye im almost thrre just this week


Welcome to the tl3 club. B)

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I need to get TL3 back now, i need to be apart of the TL3 club again


TECHNICALLY you are already available for mod, mods can be selected from tl3, and from the leaving of frager, you might could get it.

But didn’t gautam say that the account has to be a year old?

From what I remember yes

Never heard that lol

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Isn’t it from tl4?

No, tl4 is moderator rank.

GASP Glaceon is a mod?


No, moderators have a shield next to their name, and can ban users, and do more.(Idk the specifics) Leaders are different. They cannot ban users, but can edit/close/unlist posts.

Since when are you TL4?

like 2 weeks

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oh, i see.