I found a way to open a incognito tab

I found a way to open a incognito tab pm me if you want to know. This can disable all extensions on browser

I dunno what version this chromebooks on bc they blocked settings but I’m pretty sure it only works in recent builds

*I do not enforce or encourage this^ but as a penguin I must exploit it :smiling_imp:


Why specifically penguins?

don’t ask

You could try checking chrome://about, I’m not sure if they can block that.


Since chrome://about is an internal page, I’m not sure if they can block it, and it would tell you your chrome version.

Chrome:settings is a internal page yet they blocked it

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Well that seems dumb to me, why block the internal pages? (You might as well block all the chrome-extension pages at that point >:) Also, I am dumb, it’s chrome://version, not chrome://about.

They did

Oh ok

That means they blocked their own extensions, lol. (At least, any internal extension pages that is.)

It doesn’t work like that


Sorry didn’t have a chance to message u during school

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