I have 50 followers!

Guys I got 50 followers! It would take too long to list them all, but still. Thank you!!!

ur welcome

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Congrats man


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noice, here’s a joke to celebrate:

why wouldn’t the jelly come out of the jar?


it was jammed

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Omg that’s hilarious!!! What a knee slapper!

eh …

How is everyone so good at erring follows

how did i get this many follows by being me

i got followers just by being here

… Ive been here longer than you have …

who asked

Your mom asked me last night…

idk why I got followers :/ Maybe it’s cause I’m a mod


Probably, and plus, you had quite a lot of people following you before you became mod

it’s also cause people adore and respect you

That’s nice
I would’ve figured that would have changed

Because your nice, and you followed everyone else.

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Followers exist?