I have a challenge for you all

is it just me or do my coin amounts always have all the same numbers but one whenever I break a chest???

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 12.38.52 PM

i forgot to take more pics but the next chest i broke also had all the same numbers except one… anyways…

here is the challenge i have for you all: get all numbers the same except one (like i showed above, two digit numbers not allowed lol too ez that way)…but of course i’m not going to make it that easy…that’s just me…so do that at least 5 times for it to count (this is just for fun, there are no, like, rewards or anything).

see ya guys in the next post!

Pretty sure it varies, especially with purple chests?


k affirmative

I got 99999 ggs

Ive checked this before, im pretty sure it varies.

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