I have something to ask

so I have a request for you all…

my pfp? bor-ing.


does anyone wanna make me a new pfp? i’ll give more info to the person who wants to make it for me…

NO AI !!!

anyway, please comment if you would like to make me a new pfp and I’ll give you the information needed

I can try… :]

great! you have any experience?

Yeah. I made a pfp for shadowblade, frager, and skilzzz. (Also made a banner for wasd but i dont know if that counts?)

really! thats great i really like their pfp!

do you want the job?

Sure why not

ok imma pm u the details one sec

Here it is!

“anoomoms” xD

i can try

oh sorry I already have someone to do it…

but if there is a problem or something you can try.

u wil be my first other option if you want

okay np man

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