i jus talked to skibidi god

skibdii god said id get infinite skibidi rizz if i added skibidi toilet to realmz.io and i cant resist even an ounce of skibidi rizz so skibdii toilet being added

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skibdi skibdi real?

u need to take some special shrooms to talk to skibidi god and skibidi is real


If there’s a skibidi god, consider me a non-believer then.

legend says there are 100+ sb skins and only the best were chosen for v2, and toilet is one of them

Bro… That sounds like you either gotta take “special” shrooms in realmz… Or irl…

:augh: I want to discard myself from this plane of existance- if i see a similar post to this again i will leave this forum

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i sell special shroomsz