I Just Found Out...

It dosnt bro

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join up ill show u (i do it all the time)

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Nuh uh, it prob just confuses ppl who are new to the game

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End of discussion

the discussion actually ended 2 hours and 30 mins ago…

The hitbox is a circle/oval on the roght side if the character model, it pokes out to the right a lil bit and even is on the inside. The “strategy” that you cam up with is just called proper spacing and timing. With attack baiting and good strafes, you can predict when your opponent will come within range and strike early to counter the ping delay. This tech used to be much more useful in v1 because people were slower and couldnt just jump you. Also swords thrown were much more well planned because they gave you a speed booste, didnt do much damage or kb, and were a great way to stop runner from healing

Also there was a meta early game to buy swords with textures that match your hitboxes reach, but higher skill players abandoned this because it let your opponent know when you were in range. So some of us started pointing our swords away from low elo players to bait them into attacking early/too late

We should honestly make a post full of recommendations because we have a ton but basically non of them are in one place lol

Honestly considering doing coaching for free here over the summer if i have freetime. I already do for minecraft but ide just have to organize the info

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