I’m 1MP0$TER

Ik it was kind of obvious the whole time but reason I’m saying this now is I don’t really play anymore and there’s no reason to even hide it anymore, I do still play every here and there but no where near as much as I used to, I don’t really have a specific reason to why I quit but part of it was it just got too repetitive

we all know me and king puma trolled this kid too hard :joy:

why’d you change your name lol

ur obviously imposter

I baited this loser into spam calling me the gay slur and leaked it in the Realmz Discord. Then Neil muted him and he got so embarrassed that he ragequit for a few weeks. Unfortunately, he couldn’t suppress his addiction and came back as Anonymous. :skull: It’s a really funny story.

really! had no idea!

I had no idea that you were 1MPOSTER

wait this is the red skin mofo
i genuinely didnt know i got here like a week ago