I made this game in 5 miniutes

this is a basic minute code where you code it in 5 miniutes

so if you’re seeing this devs of swordbattle i would liek to help you biuld v.2

it would be cool if you added enemys.

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i tried it wouild take more than 5 miniutes

the poiutn is it is multiplayer

ooooo, that would be cool!

yeah sadly gautum won reply

ive been trying to become a biuld of swordbssttle.io

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I trying to learn how to code Java, but so far I have not found a great Free site to learn on.

If you have any suggestions for a website to learn on would be great!

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i learened from a friend but w3school is a good one it teaches you about it


Go on his Git hub and make a Branch and if he accepts what you added in the branch you will become a game dev :D

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What he said for once

coding speedrun

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The game is decent, but what are we supposed to shoot at?


i was trying to make a full game in under 5 minitues yet ai is nop possible in under 5 miniutes

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