I need a sword: @MV_MILLION_JELLY12 Sugar skin



i got it from million jelly and i am getting him a sword

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You should’ve mentioned that this was Million_Jelly’s skin in the post then.
And unless Million told you specifically to look for a sword, then I don’t think you should be making this post for him. He never mentioned that he needed help with a sword in his original topic; he only asking for suggestions for his skin. He could very well be making the sword himself.

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million and I have been talking in a personal chat and we have decided to split the skin so I get/make the sword and he gets/makes the skin


In that case, if you need a sword, I’d be happy to help.

We know each other irl and have been talking about this. I just decided to make this skin today, and then we would both try and design the sword together. (After I touch up the skin a bit more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
I didn’t ask him to make this topic for suggestions, but I really appreciate it! It might help!

That’s great! Would you mind making one?

It would be my pleasure!

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Thanks! I would really appreciate that!


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