I need you all

I’ve lost everything I care about, basically all my friends, i am not seeing my brothers for atleast four years, and a lot of other stuff… I am going to return because the only place that i feel like i sorta belong is here. I missed u all.


i missed you too pookie, feel better, and take things 1 day at a time

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@3RG3R, it is a joy to see you back. the forum will greatly appreciate your return. i missed you too, remember you can talk to me if you need any support bc im going thru this 2 :] i feel for you 3RG3R, and im here for you :]

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I’ve missed you, hopefully things go better for you…

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what devious things yo brothers doin they in jail for 4 years

Wasup brotha!

Jail? Could be college

People can visit from college. I feel like jail is a more accurate assumption

Bruh college could be like across the whole usa yk?

Yeah but you’d assume he’d be happy to see his brother improving himself. I don’t mean to say it’s 100% jail but just from the tone and wording it seems more like a bad thing rather than college

He would miss him still tho and also if his bro in jail or prision he prob deserves to be in their right

yeah that’s fair

But who knows yk it cpuld be smth completely different…

Hello erger!

Air Force apparantly

Erger I have one word for you, guh

womp womp

i deadass just realised your names burger :skull:

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