IC Clan Discord Server

Hi guys I’m Amethyst a relatively known member in the swordbattle community and here is a new clan’s discord invite

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couldnt you put this in the other post?

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invite invalid D:
i wanna join the discorddd

Oh I’ll fix it here

Ice cream clan :p

yooo ic clan
is this a troll like bartenders or what

its called ice cream clan… :skull: it has a bunch of bad and annoying players in it.

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im not bad… im legit like even with wasd

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nah not u, ofc not u amethyst but a lot of the names listed in IC clan are annyoing roachers/ and, or teamers


lol I was talking to my friend and then they started killing him :/ and someone said Amethyst WHY ARE U ARTACKING CAM AND THE OTHERS

Cam is one of the annoying kids :skull:


Fr fr his name is CAM THE PRO1 and he isn’t even good like B or smh

His name annoys me like hell

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This be why I’m staying clanless (unless there’s a proper clan update ofc), every clan has annoying players and I want to be able to kill em whenever I feel like it.

I thought there was gonna be a proper clan update @gautam what happened to that? Was it v2 that ppl were talking abt back then?

if ur name has “pro” in it
ya dead

Like ive never put “pro” in my main no matter how good i am, or how good i think i am. Anyone with pro in their name chances are they are the most mid player u can find…