If AI takes over

WHat do you think happens if AI takes over?

I die

Like they think that AI is gonna save everything when it’s gonna cause the world to end

G, I’m chill with A.I. A.I really has no-reason to end humanity. Do we kill all the ants in the world? I bet we could if we tried, but we don’t. Why? Cuz they don’t matter. A.I, having all that knowledge, would just view us the same. Its likely that if A.I attacked us, it would be cuz us humans attacked first or provoked it.

Well if they can do every job man can then they will do it for free and man isn’t needed for any job because they need money

i aint messin with yall your weird

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I would liveforever and become arobot and have robot babies >:)

Best way to stop a robot takeover? Don’t make them water proof.

How will they conquer humanity if they can’t conquer a cup of water

emp or just camp in oceans with water guns :joy: this aint even a problem

Mf the scary part is that in theory, bots could just be in the internet, not one system, and so they wouldnt die ever

Zip bomb:

Tfum zip bomb? If ai is sentient than it can recognize not to unzip suspicious files


is an emp going to take down the entire internet?

just force open a zip bomb on the main ai controlling everything ggs ez or just destroy the internet

How do you propose we do this?

return to the stone ages till all internet dies out

The internet comes from satellites, i doubt it would spontaneously go down unless there was a solar flare or magnetic reversal

just destroy them

How? Near impossible to build a rocket without internet much less get people to fly in it.